Google Hangouts for Consumers Will Be Shutting Down Sometime in 2020

Yolanda Curtis
December 1, 2018

9to5Google has reported that, according to an unnamed source familiar with the product's internal roadmap, next year will be the last year Google Hangouts will be available to consumers. If the report is correct, 2019 will be the past year in which consumers are able to use Google Hangouts - but Google already has chat alternatives available.

Google in the meantime started to focus on an RCS-based messaging system for Android called Chat in favor of the messaging application Allo. Google removed SMS functionality in the classic Hangouts app past year. In the process, Google also confirmed that development for Allo (the messaging app that had just been released less than two years prior) was being put on hold.

The company abandoned development of the consumer version of Hangouts more or less previous year.

While consumers may lose the well-known chat app, Hangouts will live on for enterprise users as Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Many recent reviews say that the app is showing signs of age, noting bugs and performance issues. Google's new messaging effort Chat won't take off before 2019, and that is probably the main reason why the consumer version of Hangouts is retired in 2020 and not in 2019. However, instead of working on improving Google Talk, the tech company simply chose to kill it and launched Hangouts.

Many have moved on from Hangouts after Google rebranded it to Hangouts Meet, but if youre still using Hangouts, you still have some time before Google eventually pulls the plug.

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