Google Assistant will now reward you for having good manners

Yolanda Curtis
December 2, 2018

Recently, Google Assistant got updated with many new features. Currently, Broadcast lets you record messages on your phone and send them to any Google speaker or display - sort of like an intercom.

Background: The Google Assistant has always been a pretty big help during the holidays, doing things like playing music for you, or bringing up recipes for you to use while you're cooking and such. - "Create a gift list" - "Add opera tickets for mom to my gift list" - "What's on my to-do list?" But Google has released a few new features for its assistant that can make your children a bit less demanding. With "Pretty Please", a Google Assistant might respond to that request by saying: "Thanks for asking so nicely".

To encourage polite manners during family gatherings, Google Assistant now enforces politeness.

If a user says: "Hey Google, please set a timer for 5 minutes".

For users of Smart Displays like the Google Home Hub, the firm is adding a lyrics option to Google Play Music, a photo sharing options and broadcast replies among others.

Well, if you have a Google Assistant smart speaker like the Google Home (or you have Google Assistant on your smartphone), you can do just that thanks to one of seven new holiday-themed features from the tech giant. It now comes with a musical touch that you can experience by saying "Hey Google, Call Santa". Now, you and your kiddos can ask Google to read along with titles such as "Mickey's Christmas Carol", "Cinderella", and "Beauty and the Beast". There are also some Nickelodeon stories that you can listen too. Say "Hey, Google, tell me a story". You'll also be able to quickly hide a photo you don't want to see on your display anymore, or share a photo with one of your contacts. Separately, the Google Assistant has also been updated with the ability to build notes and lists using your voice.

The features appear to be rolling out as part of a server-side update. Pretty useful for quick timers and whatnot. The Google home device, like Amazon's Alexa, gives you the answer to a question.

The compact size of the Home Hub means it can be placed nearly anywhere, while its screen is crisp and colourful and Google Assistant continues to be an easy to use AI-based voice assistant that many think far superior to Siri or Alexa when it comes to understanding your spoken commands and questions.

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