Google Assistant can now speak in Australian and British accents

Yolanda Curtis
December 16, 2018

Smart-speaker, one of the most enjoyable and attracted gadget by the users and market as well.

Since previous year, Google has been using WaveNet AI technology from its Alphabet sibling DeepMind to make the Google Assistant's spoken voice sound a little more human and a little less croaky and robotic.

As per a Google report, the voices have been designed by using DeepMind's speech synthesis model WaveNet. From there, go to the Assistant tab and select Assistant voice.

Although the addition of the new accents is more than welcome, they aren't exactly natural as you will see on the video below. Then, why should our Google Assistant be any different. The British and Australian accents sound convincing enough when selected, so the technology is seemingly doing its job well. In order to solve this issue, Google now gives the ability to users to switch between Australian or British accent for Google assistant across all your devices. From there, you can choose either the new British Racing Green voice or the new Sydney Harbour Blue for the Australian voice.

To pick either of the two new accents, open the Google Assistant Settings menu.

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