Father's harsh punishment for daughter who bullied a child

Cheryl Sanders
December 7, 2018

"I just hope that through the video being shared kids can take a look and read some of the comments and tutorials on the post and see just how much words can hurt and cut deep and can have lasting effects on those involved sometimes in the most terrible cases life-ending effects", Cox told Fox4.

According to WTVG News, Mr Cox broke up Kirsten's walk over her three-day school bus suspension this week.

"This is my small way of trying to stop it in my household", Matt Cox, of Swanton said. "For the second time this school year [she's] been kicked off this school bus due to bullying another student", Cox said.

After 10-year-old Kirsten was suspended for three days from the school bus for a second-time bullying offence, Matt Cox made a decision to teach her a life lesson. He shared the video on social media, garnering 14 million views and thousands of comments.

Dad Makes 10-Year-Old Daughter Walk Five Miles To School As Punishment For Bullying. Credit Matt Cox  Facebook
Dad Makes 10-Year-Old Daughter Walk Five Miles To School As Punishment For Bullying. Credit Matt Cox Facebook

However, others pointed out that by shaming her with the punishment video, the girl was arguably being bullied by her father.

Instead, he would make her walk to school.

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Cox told WTVG he thinks the punishment worked, but he would give his daughter those same consequences again if he had to.

The footage shows Kirsten walking on the side of the road as her father follows behind in his vehicle. Cox is following behind in his truck.

A dad in OH made his daughter walk 5 miles to school in near-freezing temperatures after she was kicked off the bus for bullying.

His daughter "still has all her extremities intact" and was "happy and healthy", he said.

"I was bullied many times by kids bigger than me", she said.

"I just want the kids to know that words truly do hurt", he added. "They cut very deep and have lasting effects".

Cox knows that his method won't sit well with other parents, but he's ok with that, since he believes that's the best way he can teach his "beautiful daughter" accountability.

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