Amazon Web Services announces new service to simplify building blockchains

Yolanda Curtis
December 2, 2018

Amazon's digital arm Amazon Web Services (AWS) revealed two new blockchain-inspired products despite the current cryptocurrency bear market.

AWS Control Tower gives customers an automated "landing zone" that makes it easy to set up their multi-account environment and continuously govern their AWS workloads with rules for security, operations, and compliance.

In the last one year, AWS has released almost 200 ML services and features.

Outposts will be sold on an opex basis, so they'll also match the procurement experience of the full AWS cloud.

For those unfamiliar with reinforcement learning, it's a subset of machine learning, which is a field that AWS has been investing in heavily over the past year, along with announcing several new services aimed specifically at this segment of the industry.

Gelsinger joined AWS' Andy Jassy on stage at re:Invent on Wednesday to announce the move to bring AWS cloud hardware on-premises with the ability to seamlessly connect to the rest of AWS' services in the cloud.

Announced at AWS re:Invent 2018, AWS Outposts is created to bring AWS cloud hardware on-premises customer's own data centers. Outposts let AWS scale while making building, electrifying and cooling data centre space its customers' problem.

Shawn Bice, Vice President, Nonrelational Databases at AWS said, "Earlier this year, when we started talking to customers about what they needed from a blockchain solution, we realised that the Amazon QLDB's ledger technology met a lot of their requirements". "This service is going to make it much easier for you to use the two most popular blockchain frameworks", Jassy said, as he presented the two new services. Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth learns the labels for a data set in real time as they're applied by humans.

AWS's new robotics service, which provides a simulation platform that integrates well with SageMaker RL. "So, we tried to reimagine what customers really wanted when running in hybrid mode, and developed AWS Outposts".

Findings are correlated into integrated dashboards that visualise and summarise a customer's current security and compliance status, and highlight trends and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances that are generating an increasing number of findings.

For over 12 years, Amazon Web Services has been the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. For starters AWS says Outposts will involve "racks", indicating they won't be fit for businesses with modest server rooms or for many branch offices.

The automated landing zone employs best-practices blueprints, such as configuring a multi-account structure using AWS Organisations, managing user identities and federated access with AWS Single Sign-on or Microsoft Active Directory, configuring an account factory through AWS Service Catalogue, centralising a log archive using AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config, and more.

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