Why the Lakers might need more than Tyson Chandler

Ross Houston
November 7, 2018

And with the Suns no closer to winning than the day he signed with them, and Chandler being 36, it makes flawless sense that he'd be looking for a new home. With him making a little over $13 million this season, it was only a matter of time before the two sides parted ways. Assuming Chandler's buyout went into effect Saturday evening, Chandler cannot officially be signed by the Lakers until Monday evening, ruling him out for the back-to-back this weekend.

Chandler will bring the Lakers some badly-needed depth to the center position.

Tyson Chandler has agreed to a buyout with the Phoenix Suns and plans to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He helped Dallas win the 2011 National Basketball Association title, and was an All-Star in the 2012-13 season. With a slew of talented forwards such as Trevor Ariza, TJ Warren, and Josh Jackson, going smaller makes sense, which left Chandler as the odd man out.

The Lakers have been struggling defensively this season. At 36, Chandler is no longer the dominant defender who played a key role in the Dallas Mavericks' 2011 championship run. Chandler - who was serving as the mentor - averaged 3.7 points and 5.6 rebounds in seven games.

FILE - In this December 4, 2017, file photo, Phoenix Suns' Tyson Chandler heads up the court during the team's NBA basketball game against the Philadelphia 76ers in Philadelphia. Over the course of the season, no team has given up more than 71.9 percent shooting in the restricted area. As highlighted by his on/off stats on Cleaning the Glass, the Suns were never even a point per 100 possessions better on defense with Chandler on the court as compared to when he was on the bench over the past three seasons.

This is a win for both the Lakers and Tyson Chandler.

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