What you need to know about the Pa. midterm elections

Andrew Cummings
November 6, 2018

As President Donald Trump has traveled around the country rallying for candidates in the final days before the midterm elections, he's argued that congressional Republicans would be better for the country on issues such as the economy, immigration and crime.

The election near the halfway mark of a president's first term is traditionally a referendum on the White House occupant.

Trump was on a hectic schedule of campaign appearances for Republican candidates Sunday, while former president Barack Obama made a last-ditch appeal for an endangered Senate Democrat in Indiana.

But the president has proved once again to be a powerful political force late in a campaign.

The 2012 Person of the Year is credited for ending the war in Iraq, taking down Bin Laden, saving the American auto industry, favoring women rights and equal pay, repealing "Don't ask, Don't tell", establishing "The Dream Act", ending the 2008 recession, and a host of others. While the fight to regain control of the Senate, largely playing out in conservative states, may prove out of reach for Democrats, the party has been buoyed by its ability to run competitively in Republican-leaning states such as Texas and Tennessee.

It is unclear whether Trump's campaign strategy will work.

"Now, we are defending the borders of our country". He's facing allegations of voter suppression, due owing to enforcing policies that have resulted in many voter registrations being cancelled. "You're going to see the largest gender gap we've ever seen".

But the president - to the unease of some in the party - has instead used his almost nonstop schedule of campaign rallies to keep the spotlight on what he calls the security threat from migrants seeking to enter the nation through Mexico.

According to polls, which failed to predict Trump's victory in 2016, Republicans, who have a steady hold on the Senate, are more likely to lose the House of Representatives.

Trump's tone during his presidency has not really changed much from the 2016 campaign cycle. Among Americans, this election is being touted as among the most important political events in their recent history. But there, the map was even tougher, with Democrats defending 10 Trump states and Republicans defending only one won by Hillary Clinton. The survey has a +/-2 percentage point margin of error.

But opinion polls were wrong in 2016 and as the midterm election nears, most pundits have turned to hedging their bets.

In 2018, 60 percent of Democrats said they are more likely to tell others about how they intend to vote, compared to 49 percent of Republicans.

Incumbents who didn't think they had to sweat the election, Michigan's Fred Upton and Florida's Mario Diaz-Balart, now find themselves in the "lean Republican" category - likely to prevail, but potential victims of a blue wave.

The US President said: "It's all fragile".

Just half of Americans report they have faith in US democracy in a new Axios/Survey Monkey poll conducted late last month and reported Monday.

Follow Live coverage, results and analysis of the USA midterm elections on 9news.com.au from 9am Wednesday. "We have to give America two choices here". It hasn't happened in a lot of decades.

"Clearly there's an very bad lot on the line in terms of the legislative agenda", said Republican consultant Josh Holmes. "And you know what you do? We can't have that".

If you have mourned the retreat of America from the world order and had sleepless nights over what Trump could do to global stability and security, there may be hope come Wednesday morning that the USA is beginning to correct itself.

In the 69th Illinois House district, Rep. Joe Sosnowski, a Republican, will defeat Angie Bodine, 58 percent to 42 percent.

"In addition, the geographic distribution of the House implies that Democrats will need to win the popular vote by 5- 6pp to win a majority in the chamber".

The president often has openly lambasted the twin ideologies on the world stage. In South Korea, the president cast communism as the definitive factor that created the stark difference between destitution in Pyongyang and prosperity in Seoul.

At home, the Trump administration is undoing the central tenets of socialism-high taxes and a sprawling regulatory state.

The report concludes that socialist policies in the United States would lead to shortages or degrade the quality of any product or service which is monopolized by the government, slowing the pace of innovation and lowering the quality of life. "Freedom is the future".

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