United Kingdom ex-minister says other officials may resign over Brexit

Cheryl Sanders
November 11, 2018

Johnson wants a three-way referendum giving the people a choice between remaining in the EU, May's deal and no deal.

He added the alternative of no-deal would "inflict untold damage on our nation".

"To present the nation with a choice between two deeply unattractive outcomes, vassalage and chaos, is a failure of British statecraft on a scale unseen since the Suez crisis", he said.

Brexit secretary Dominic Raab is believed to be particularly concerned about the risk of the United Kingdom being locked into a customs union with the EU indefinitely.

Rachel said that she felt there had been a "change of mood" in light of her brother's resignation.

"We may not have agreed about Brexit but we are united in dismay at the intellectually and politically indefensible of the UK position".

"Contrary to promises, there is in fact no deal at all on our future trading relationship with the European Union which the government can present to the country", he said.

He added: "In the sense that if you betray the British people where they no longer believe in democracy... you don't know what the consequences are".

"There are real questions about how we will be able to guarantee access to fresh food and medicine if the crucial Dover-Calais trade route is clogged up", he said.

This is considerably above the trend growth seen in the economy, since the Brexit referendum in mid 2016.

Tory MP Anna Soubry, a vociferous Remain campaigner, said she had "huge respect" for Mr Johnson, telling The Guardian: "Jo isn't the only minister who shares these views and I hope others will follow his lead".

"We will not under any circumstances have a second referendum", Downing Street said.

Gross domestic product increased 0.6 percent in the third quarter from the previous three months, the most since the end of 2016, the Office for National Statistics said Friday.

Former transport minister Jo Johnson has hinted more ministers could be ready to resign over the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.

Jo Johnson's resignation, and his call for a fresh referendum to test voter sentiment, further complicates matters for May as she tries to strike a deal with European Union leaders that would pass muster with her own cabinet and win backing in Parliament.

"If the choice is between a second referendum and a deal which is bad for Britain then I would go for a second referendum", Onwurah told BI.

The MP for Orpington, who left his post as Transport Minister on Friday, said that those in government will be "reflecting hard" about whether or not to follow in his footsteps.

A senior cabinet minister was quoted in the paper as saying: "This is the moment she has to face down Brussels and make it clear to them that they need to compromise, or we will leave without a deal".

"I think those things are very important and, surely, it's the duty of parliament and duty of the opposition to hold the government to account on this and that's what we'll do".

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