Rockets appear to be dumping Carmelo Anthony already

Ross Houston
November 12, 2018

Anthony has played in 10 games this season, averaging 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds, shooting 40.5% from the field and 32.8% from the three-point line.

Earlier, according to various rumors and reports, the Rockets were considering on waiving Anthony, who's now under a one-year minimum contract worth $2.4 million.

The Rockets guard has been the snatching headlines today amid rumors that the team is considering waiving him, after the team as a whole has been experiencing a rough start to a season bloated with high expectations.

It is only 10 games in and the Rockets are already thinking about dropping Carmelo Anthony. He has accepted every role coach has given him - starting, off the bench, whatever it's been.

Carmelo Anthony and the Rockets are discussing his role with the team.

However, one source said both sides entered into the agreement "with eyes wide open", understanding that the plug could be pulled if Anthony proved not to be a good fit.

As of now, it's unclear how the Rockets will handle the Anthony situation.

"Our problem is we can't shoot the basketball", he said. Again, that's why he's here. That removing one player - who doesn't even start - could have such a positive impact is incredible. "I understand it, because he's obviously a Hall of Famer, but it's unfair".

Anthony's spot on the roster is likely to be filled by signing undrafted rookie Gary Clark, now on a two-way contract, for the minimum.

Translation - the Rockets don't think Anthony can be a key piece to help them win now. "I mean, he's a player".

A year ago, Anthony had his poorest offensive season in the National Basketball Association for the Thunder, who traded him to Atlanta in the summer.

"Melo's been great here", Paul said.

"I know that we're talking about everything", he said. "So we'll see what happens". That's me saying that and knowing that.

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