Ocasio-Cortez to be youngest woman ever elected to Congress

Cheryl Sanders
November 8, 2018

Arizona's race is still too close to call, but either way, the state will be sending its first woman to the Senate (Democrat Kyrsten Sinema or Republican Martha McSally.) Marsha Blackburn is Tennessee's first female senator, despite Taylor Swift's endorsement of her Democratic opponent, and by electing Jacky Rosen, Nevada became the fifth state to have two female senators. Research shows that women are more likely to raise policies related to women's health and family than men.

Minnesota Democratic Congressional Candidate Ilhan Omar speaks at an election night results party on November 6, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

People participate in the Women's March on Washington, following the inauguration of President Donald Trump, in Washington, D.C., January 21, 2017. The previous record high was 85 congresswomen, per the Congressional Research Service.

Now there are 84 women serving in the House of Representatives, according to The Los Angeles Times. "The first role of women as military flyers was during World War II as Women Airforce Service Pilots, an organization disbanded after the war", Colonel McSally said. Moreover, only a third of all voters said Trump had the right temperament to serve as president, according to AP exit polling.

Texas is sending its first ever Hispanic women to congress, as Veronica Escobar snapped up Beto O'Rouke's old seat and state Sen.

But that approach did not ultimately appeal to women in swing districts across the country.

Georgia candidate Stacey Abrams, a Democrat, was in a fierce battle to become America's first black woman governor, while Democrat Andrew Gillum narrowly lost his bid to become the first black governor of Florida.

Borick said, "We are seeing a vast increase in the percentage of women that will be within the House of Representatives".

For starters, there looks set to be at least 100 women in the House of Representatives for the first time, with 95 already declared winners while other races are still being counted (including a number of races where both candidates are female).

More than 100 women were elected to United States legislative office in mid-term elections Tuesday. But the Republicans have tightened its hold on the Senate with 51 candidates so far winning seats. The former Central Intelligence Agency officer beat Tea Party incumbent Dave Brat in no small part through the activism of local liberal women's groups.

One is that it takes a lot to swing white women Democratic. "They come up - 'When is your next town hall?' And believe me, it's not to give positive input". She won the general election after running unopposed. Davids was up against incumbent Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder.

Three times as many women stood for the Democratic party as the Republican party - 211 for the Democrats and 64 for the Republicans.

Which is to say, the gap between female and male voters remained roughly as big as it has been in recent years, according to exit polls. College-educated women, in particular, have swung hard toward Democrats in recent years.

A majority of women identify as Democrats or lean Democratic at 56 percent, while 37 percent affiliate with or lean toward the GOP.

Crowley was the No. 4 Democrat in the House and seen as a potential speaker one day.

She is a Democratic-Socialist who served on the state legislature from 2009 to 2014 and ran her congressional primary campaign supporting Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage and abolishing Ice.

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