Man: Age Change Will Improve Luck on Tinder

Cheryl Sanders
November 9, 2018

Emile Ratelband, a 69-year-old Dutch man, stands in the center of Arnhem, in the Netherlands, on Monday. But Ratelband contends that there is no law "forbidding him" from changing his age. We even have the right to change our name.

The life coach, who specialises in "self-awareness" training, said he felt discriminated against because of his advanced years, adding that while he does not need dating apps, the custom of giving his age to a prospective lover was cramping his style.

"When I'm 69, I am limited", said Ratelband. Ratelband argued that if transgender people are allowed to change sex in his country, he should be allowed to change his date of birth because doctors said he has the body of a 45-year-old, reports UK's Telegraph.

BBC reported that Mr Ratelband is a media personality who had voiced the character Vladimir Trunkov in the Dutch-language version of the Pixar film Cars 2.

His reasoning is as multifaceted as it is complete and utter bullshit, with Ratelband stating he doesn't get enough attention on Tinder, he can't buy a house (ummm, what?) and more disgustingly, that trans people can change their gender so why can't a salty boomer arsehole change his age?

When asked if he could just hide the truth about his age he said; "I don't want to lie". He said he would be happy to forfeit his monthly pension of around 1,200 euros ($1,879) - a concession he estimates would save almost 300,000 euros ($469,859) over the 20 years he wants shaved off his age.

Ratelband says the Dutch government could benefit if it were to accept his age demand.

"I'm so convinced of myself and my reasons are well thought out", he said.

The judge presiding over Mr Ratelband's case said he had some sympathy for his plight, but found there would be practical problems in allowing people to change their DOB - as it would mean legally deleting a significant portion of their lives.

Such is the sexagenarian's belief in his cause, that he said he is willing to take it to the highest courts in Europe.

"For whom did your parents care in those years?"

The court is expected to issue a written ruling in four weeks. "Who was that little boy back then?"

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