IPad Pro bend test confirms what we already know: Tablets are fragile

Yolanda Curtis
November 19, 2018

Apple recently launched the new iPad Pro with a better design and improved specs which makes the device faster and it looks more durable than it's predecessors. However, just because the tablets are made out of aluminum doesn't mean that they will have a solid construction in place. Even so, the video shows that it's quite easy to bend the iPad Pro, and you should be mindful about how you transport it, or where you leave it around the house. While some may feel that it should have taken more force to manage, and it's true the iPad does fold somewhat easily, this is nothing new.

The takeaway here is that you should probably be mindful of the way you treat a tablet that can run you almost a grand or more, depending on storage and display size. The Apple Pencil also snaps in half and its innards taken apart, but there's no surprise as to what's inside because iFixit already did a tear down. Now, Zack Nelson of the channel JerryRigEverything demonstrated how easy it is to bend and crack open the tablet without much exertion. However, since the iPad Pro belongs to Apple, the content creator believes it should have a place on the YouTube channel. Beware placing the Apple Pencil in a pocket as it might not survive. JerryRigEverything says the bend test is important because you never know if your iPad Pro in your backpack may be vulnerable to getting bent, or if an iPad Pro gets sat on while on your couch.

After all, you can't have light and thin devices with huge surface areas and not expect them to bend.

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