In memoir, Michelle Obama says she’ll never forgive Trump birther claims

Cheryl Sanders
November 9, 2018

In her memoir, former US First Lady Michelle Obama has ripped President Trump's spreading of the "birther" conspiracy theory against her husband Barack Obama.

In her book, Michelle Obama has reportedly opened up about the uneasy early years of her marriage to the ex-President, the racists comments she had to deal with, and takes the opportunity to rip on the incumbent Commander-in-Chief. "What if that person went looking for our girls?" the mother of two wrote in the book, according to ABC News. "Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family's safety at risk", she wrote. "And for this I'd never forgive him". She got paid a lot of money to write a book.

'Well I'll give you a little controversy back. "It was depleted, and I had to fix it", Trump said.

The book, a raw and revealing account of her life, goes where few first ladies' autobiographies have gone.

"I was female, black, and strong, which to certain people. translated only to 'angry, '" she explained.

But the former first lady said what hurt her the most during that campaign were the relentless and blatantly false allegations that Barack was "a secret Muslim, born overseas". "We sit in our own pain, thinking that somehow we're broken".

She also denounces Trump's "birther" campaign questioning her husband's citizenship, calling it bigoted and unsafe, "deliberately meant to stir up the wingnuts and kooks".

"The whole [birther] thing was insane and mean-spirited, of course, its underlying bigotry and xenophobia hardly concealed", Obama wrote in her memoir, according to a Washington Post review. She says they had to do IVF to conceive their 2 daughters.

Obama also said her body "buzzed with fury" after hearing the "Access Hollywood" tape on which Trump bragged about being able to grab women with impunity.

"I don't think anybody will be necessarily prepared to read a memoir like this - especially coming from a first lady", Rhimes told the Post, having read an advance copy of "Becoming".

The rallies were part of her work as co-chairman of the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization When We All Vote.

But she admits the couple on occasion turned to counseling, where they "learned how to talk out" problems.

Once Barack announced his run for president in 2007, she threw herself into what would be a bruising campaign.

"So, I'll never forgive him for what he did to our military", he added.

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