Donald Trump launches scathing Twitter attack on Emmanuel Macron

Andrew Cummings
November 14, 2018

In a series of earlier tweets, Mr Trump launched an attack on Mr Macron over his "very low approval rating" and issued a gibe at France's defeat and occupation by Nazi Germany in World War Two. "[It] is a betrayal of patriotism", Macron said at an global ceremony honoring World War I service members.

A stony-faced Trump, who listened a few feet away, has described himself as a nationalist and has promoted an "America First" policy.

Nursing grievances from a weekend visit to France, Mr Trump hit out at France's President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday over his suggestion for a European defence force, over French tariffs on U.S. wine and even Mr Macron's approval ratings.

Mr Trump also said: "We want a strong Europe; it's very important to us".

In his tweet on Tuesday, Trump again referenced France's spending, writing: "Pay for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation or not!" "T$3 here is no country more Nationalist than France, very proud people-and rightfully so!"

Trump's tweets underscored tensions between the once-chummy leaders and displayed the US president's irritation over criticism of how he acted in France.

The Secret Service did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the president's tweet.

In a posting on its website, the American Battle Monuments Commission, which oversees the Suresnes cemetery, said that Trump came Sunday "to participate in a ceremony marking the end of the Great War".

American President Donald Trump has said that his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, suffers from "a very low approval rating".

During the Paris Peace Forum, which Trump spent largely alone, Macron condemned the nationalism Trump has been stoking.

But he warned European members against duplicating the alliance's work and jeopardising relations with the United States.

The weekend started uncomfortably.

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron pictured on Saturday.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted, "Macron suggests building his own army to protect Europe from the United States, China and Russian Federation". But Monday night, outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she supported Macron's plan and agreed that Europe shouldn't need to rely on the United States to supplement its military strength.

Both French officials and the White House said any misunderstandings had been cleared up after Macron and Trump held talks on Saturday.

Macron's concept of a European army would be "positive" for the multipolar world, Vladimir Putin argued on Sunday.

"Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism".

Simply put, nationalism is the preference for one's country over another, while patriotism can be defined as having vast pride in one's country.

After returning from France, he again tweeted that "never easy bringing up the fact that the USA must be treated fairly, which it hasn't, on both Military and Trade".

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