Democrats Seize House Control As Blue Wave Washes Across The Suburbs

Cheryl Sanders
November 9, 2018

Major US TV networks projected Democrats would take control of the House while Republicans would retain the majority in the Senate.

Said White House counselor Kellyanne Conway: "I don't know that there will be much of an appetite for Democrat lawmakers to spend all of their time, or most of their time or even a fraction of their time investigating, instigating, trying to impeach and subpoena people".

"Everything we have achieved is at stake", Mr Trump declared in his final day of campaigning.

For Democrats, the road to the 218-seat majority ran through the two dozen suburban districts Clinton won and through swaths of Trump country in the Rust Belt and heartland where voters backed the president two years ago.

"Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!" he tweeted.

Contributor Stephanie Ruhle said Trump's tax loopholes are immoral and below the office of the presidency, but said Trump likes to suggest it's "clever" how he games the system.

"Even though they won back the House, they're going to have to decide whether they ought to advance as a more Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders type of party with more liberal positions, or as a more center-left party", Gergen said.

Democrats have picked up at least 23 House seats, putting them on track to reach the 218 needed to seize control from Republicans after eight years.

A Republican victory in both chambers of Congress would hand Trump a powerful mandate a month after he solidified a conservative majority on the Supreme Court when Senate confirmed his nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, in line to become speaker, said while there is common ground on infrastructure and cutting the cost of prescription drugs, the investigations will commence.

In Texas, Republican Ted Cruz Cruz beat his challenger, Democratic rising star Beto O'Rourke. A slow-moving caravan of thousands of Central American migrants trekking to the United States has served as ready fodder for Trump's diatribes for border security and immigration reform, and a roaring economy has helped the GOP foster confidence in their leadership.

They held onto seats in the South, Midwest and West and ensured at least a 50-50 Senate - enough to give Republicans control because Vice-President Mike Pence as president of the Senate would tip the balance to the GOP.

The BBC, CNN, NBC, ABC News and Fox News all projected a Democrat victory, which is seen as crucial to the party checking Trump's agenda.

The main question to be answered during the current midterm elections is whether the Republicans will cede their control over the House of Representatives to the Democrats.

President Donald Trump later called to congratulate Pelosi as her party appeared all but certain to recapture the House of Representatives.

Democrats did succeed in holding on to Sen.

Missouri is extremely close for the President, where 51% approve and 48% disapprove and Republican Josh Hawley holds a commanding lead over incumbent Sen.

Twenty-five percent described health care and immigration as the most important issues in the election, according to AP VoteCast, a national survey of the electorate.

Trump's Republican coalition is increasingly older, whiter, more male and less likely to have a college degree.

As expected, redistricting in Pennsylvania proved to be a boon for Democrats, who so far have had a net gain of three seats in the Keystone State.

In the Senate, where Republicans were heavily favored to keep control heading into Tuesday's voting, Republican Mike Braun captured incumbent Joe Donnelly's seat in IN and Republican Kevin Cramer beat incumbent Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota.

In suburban areas where key House races were decided, voters skewed significantly toward Democrats by a almost 10-point margin.

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