DECISION 2018: Early Voting Shows Republicans Out Voting Democrats

Cheryl Sanders
November 3, 2018

As of 9:30 p.m. Friday, more than 432,700 local voters cast ballots in person for this year's midterm election, Tarrant County election records show.

The campaign trail is heating up as Election Day draws closer and that means more and more people are turning to mail in and early voting.

This year's turnout handily surpassed in person turnout for the 2014 midterm and 2012 presidential elections.

Nationwide, more than 4.3 million Americans have already voted. Among lower-key elections, however, participation seems to be slightly higher among registered Democrats, which McDonald suggests could be a outcome of voters channeling discontent with national politics into their local races.

Both Democrats and Republicans alike have been casting their ballots early, with 43 per cent of the total early voter turnout being Republican voters and 41 per cent being Democrats, according to NBC News.

For example, 2016, saw just over 29m votes cast with six days to go until the election.

"I have worked very hard to provide funding for our county clerks to set up 24-hour drop boxes so voters can drop off their ballots any time of the day or night", Williams said in a news release.

The county operates 46 early voting locations, and more than 700 polling places will be open Tuesday.

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