AWS Launches Arm-Based Servers For EC2

Yolanda Curtis
November 30, 2018

Ground control...: According to an AWS blog post, big businesses with a large number of satellites typically build and operate their own ground stations at a cost of a million dollars or more for each one.

Then when it comes to Lockheed Martin the two companies announced virtual resilient ground - or VERGE - to combat the issue of parabolic antennas and their limitation to only communicate with one satellite at a time, and only when it is directly overhead.

With the service, users can continue downloading data from satellites even during unplanned outages from weather-related events.

There are now over 2,000 satellites orbiting the Earth and collecting data, with 16,000 expected to be in low orbit over the next decade. In introducing Ground Station, Jassy said that the project stems from customer requests to be able to more easily access data from satellites without having to build their own expensive infrastructure.

Walter Scott, CTO of DigitalGlobe, said that AWS Ground Station will let us get data into Cloud faster.

The fully-managed AWS service is claimed to combine the reliability, security, and operational visibility of satellite and fibre with the flexibility, agility, and economics of IP-based networks.

AWS has made both source code and documentation of the AWS RoboMaker cloud extensions for ROS publicly available under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0, initially to developers in the U.S. and the EU. Today, we're a Fortune 250 mutual company and a leading provider of life, disability and other benefits for individuals, at the workplace and through government sponsored programs.

The solution is a set of low cost ground and network antennas capturing multiple streams of satellite data and sending it to the AWS cloud.

AWS will be offering new EC2 A1 compute instances based on this Graviton processor and for certain workloads, like web servers, the costs could be as much as 45 percent lower than traditional Intel-based compute instances. The cloud juggernaut said the new AWS RoboMaker service works on top of the open-source robotics middleware Robot Operating System, and extends the framework with connectivity to AWS services for machine learning, monitoring, and analytics.

"Access to geospatial information gives customers the confidence to make critical decisions".

The new P3dn GPU and C5n compute optimized instances feature 100Gbps networking throughput and enable scale-out of distributed workloads like high performance computing (HPC), machine learning training, and data analytics, the company said at AWS re:Invent.

Lockheed Martin Verge is now available in private beta for customers with satellites that support S-band frequencies and can downlink in the Denver, Colorado area.

Customers and partners now previewing the AWS Ground Station are Lockheed Martin, Digital Globe, HawkEye, Advanced Space, Open Cosmos, Black Sky, Capella Space and others.

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