Apple's New iPad Pro Sparks Another Bendgate After Folding Under Minimal Pressure

Yolanda Curtis
November 20, 2018

Both tablets are smaller than the models they replace as well and are even thinner than before. As to whether you think these new iPad Pros bend too easily?

Apple still doesn't see it that way and is hoping that the iPad Pro lineup, with the switch to smaller bezels, Face ID, and USB-C, can be a ideal match for someone who is looking to drop the laptop or desktop computer and go for something else instead.

That, unfortunately, isn't going to happen in time for one poor iPad Pro, after YouTuber JerryRigEverything decided it would make for plenty of views if he took an iPad Pro and bent it in half. YouTuber 'JerryRigEverything' also managed to bend the new iPad Pro with a limited amount of force, though given that his YouTube channel literally exists to break tech products in different, I always approach his tests with a skeptical eye. You won't want anyone to sit on it, or have it bend while you're lugging it around in a backpack or suitcase.

The video starts off with Zack demonstrating how its easy to snap the Apple Pencil into two like a KitKat wafer by bending it at its dead center point.

Zack Nelson, the YouTuber behind popular channel JerryRigEverything, has made a decision to apply the idea to Apple's brand new iPad Pro. "The iPad Pro is a thin, ridgeless aluminium sack with no structure holding things together".

THE NEW IPAD PRO may be the same dimensions as A4 paper, but you absolutely shouldn't try and turn it into the world's most expensive paper aeroplane.

'A tablet the size of a piece of paper folds like a piece of paper, ' explained Nelson in a video that has amassed almost three-and-a-half million views.

Though various reports of bending iPad Pro tablets have emerged, as it stands it seems that the issue isn't widespread.

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