Apple Isn't Sharing iPhone, iPad, and Mac Sales Figures Anymore

Yolanda Curtis
November 5, 2018

Taking place in Brooklyn, New York, the company showcased latest MacBook Air, Mac mini, and new iPad Pros.

The single-core and multi-core benchmarking scores of the new iPad Pro are 5,025 and 18,106 respectively, which is based on the average of two benchmarking results.

"All of this power is packed into the same size enclosure as before, flawless for customers updating or creating all-new installations where Mac mini is the ideal solution." notes Schiller. A compact design, the Mac mini can be paired with any display to facilitate portable and powerful computing.

IPad Pro 2018 Upgrade GuideUpgrades are always about which device a customer is now using, as that will obviously determine if an upgrade is necessary.

Apple wants to optimize the upcoming iPhone and the upcoming iPad Face ID apparently, and the camera on the back.

The new iPad Pro is sleeker and slimmer than previous models by around 6 mm and has lost the headphone jack, Lightning port and home button but gained a lot more with edge to edge display and rounded corners. If you already own a power bank for your USB-C enabled MacBook (or MacBook Pro), you're all set.

Next up Apple will also unveil a "new-design" Apple Pencil for the updated iPad Pro hardware.

To write seamlessly on the iPad Pro, the company offers its users the Apple Pencil 2 which comes at a price of Rs. 10,900. What is notable is that it has revised the prices of the other products in India. Will it need a substantial refresh and reframing about its place in the MacBook line-up, or will Apple choose to cut it?

Last year's 10.5-inch iPad Pro has been upgraded with a sharp 11-inch Liquid Retina display.

While looking at Best Buy, B&H Photo and carriers we are able to find several versions of the 2018 iPad Pro in stock for release date delivery, with WiFi or with LTE. Especially great for designers, Adobe Photoshop CC will be coming to iPad in 2019.

Face ID, which is thought to be the "most secure facial authentication system in any tablet or computer", has been installed in the new iPad Pro for the first first time. However, it's worth noting that this MacBook Pro starting price gets you a quad-core Core i5 chip, versus the dual-core Core i5 chip of the MacBook Air.

Another alternative, if you don't mind being more tethered and need the extra power, is the new Mac mini which is ideal for running multiple virtual machines, doing home automation, or controlling the A/V for a live concert.

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