White House to press forward with Trump's Space Command

Pablo Tucker
October 26, 2018

One piece of the plan includes establishing a new space combatant command to establish a chain of command for the new branch once the next budget and NDAA have been passed by Congress.

But Pence claimed that Russian Federation and China already have military operations in space and said potential threats in space include anti-satellite weapons, airborne lasers, "highly threatening in-orbit activities and evasive hypersonic missiles".

Pence asserted that the USA was going to protect its interests in space and said that to understand American defence today, is to understand the interrelationship between satellite technology and aircraft, ships at sea and submarines under the sea. And with that demand, Trump has injected urgency into the debate over the best way to protect US interests in space, both military and commercial.

Vice President Mike Pence said that the U.S. has flexibility on its military activities in outer space, and refused to rule out the idea that the U.S. would position nuclear weapons there in the future, saying it would "advance the principle that peace comes through strength".

According to Mr Pence, about 60,000 people are now working on space security in the USA, across various branches of the military and intelligence services.

The National Space Council, a White House advisory panel, recommended a review of existing legal issues for military space operations and unveiled proposed legislation for Congress to create and fund a separate space agency to oversee commercial activities.

'It will be a consolidation, we believe, and from there future Congresses and future administrations can grow and expand and nurture. the Space Force as they see fit'. "The time has come to stop studying the problem and start fixing it". The Air Force has estimated that Space Force could cost $3 billion in its first year and would likely need $13 billion in its first five years.

"This is what our competitors are already doing", Pence said. "And the president is determined to make sure that America leads in space, as well, from a military standpoint", he said.

Pence said the administration would work with Congress, starting next year, on drafting a law creating an independent space force by 2020.

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