VP Pence accuses China of interfering in U.S. politics, IP theft

Andrew Cummings
October 6, 2018

In a speech at the Hudson Institute on Thursday, Pence said China has used covert actors, front groups, and propaganda in an attempt to sway United States public opinion.

In his address on Thursday Pence attacked nearly every aspect of China's activities in trade, the economy, military, religion and people-to-people exchanges.

China expert Chris Johnson, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst now at Washington's Centre for Strategic and International Studies, said Pence's speech appeared aimed in part at building a narrative that a vote for the Democrats would be a vote for China.

Pence followed that up, saying intelligence assessments found that China is targeting USA state and local governments as well as officials to exploit any divisions between federal and local levels on policy.

He also noted a multi-page advertising supplement that was inserted last week in the Des Moines Register in Iowa, the home state of the USA ambassador to China and a pivotal state in this year's elections and the 2020 presidential election.

The allegations, however, have raised questions as to whether Trump and his aides are trying to deflect attention from an investigation of his campaign's possible ties to Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and also set up China for blame if Republicans do poorly in November's vote.

Hua turned Pence's claims back on the U.S., saying "the global community has already seen very clearly in the end who is invading the sovereignty of other countries, interfering in other countries' internal affairs, and damaging the interests of other countries".

"You tighten your belt, we do what we can, and we cut costs", said Nelson.

Pence accused the Chinese of suppressing its citizens at home with the creation of "an unparalleled surveillance state", of brutally repressing religious minorities and of oppressing countries overseas through loan programs that favor Beijing and leave those nations beholden to China.

"The more open tone of confrontation from Pence will strengthen the perception in China that the ultimate USA objective in the [trade] dispute is to contain China's rise", the group's analysts led by Asia director, Michael Hirson, wrote. "China hit back at that, with a foreign ministry spokeswoman saying on Wednesday that China would respond accordingly if the US insisted on unilateral measures". And Canada "managed to retain a prized dispute settlement process that it has successfully used in the past to restrain the excessive United States use of antidumping and anti-subsidy duties, particularly against its lumber exports". The democratically governed island, which China considers part of its own territory, has seen Beijing lure away several of its diplomatic partners in recent months.

The arbitrary detention of Uygers was also condemned on Thursday by the European Union, which called on Beijing to respect freedom of religion.

-Beijing compelled Delta Airlines to publicly apologize for not calling Taiwan a "province of China" on its website, he said.

China has maintained a calm tone as U.S. language escalates.

In a release from the Dairy Farmers across Canada, they say they are deeply disappointed over the news of the concessions made on the dairy sector to conclude the new USMCA agreement.

"It literally makes us a vassal state of the Americans". "China is just very different and very hard".

The official said while Canada had not ceded any sovereignty to Washington, any free-trade negotiations with Beijing would have to be handled very carefully in the current circumstances, in which the United States has launched a trade war with China.

China "has taken a sharp U-turn toward control and oppression", Pence said. "The Chinese side is firmly opposed to it".

Raymond Bachand, Quebec's chief free-trade negotiator during the recently concluded negotiations, said the number one objective for Quebec was to preserve access to the American market and that was done.

The lines of communication remained open between Beijing and Washington, decreasing the risk of hot conflicts erupting, he said.

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