Unvaccinated child dies from flu in Florida

Henrietta Brewer
October 19, 2018

According to officials, last year's vaccine was not as effective because the strain that caused many Albertans to be sick wasn't included in the vaccine.

While it may not always be the case that a mild season down under translates to a mild season in the northern hemisphere, the fact remains that last year's severe season in Australia foreshadowed our own. The side effects of the flu are a stuffy nose, sore throat, fever, headache and muscle weakness.

More than half of parents think a flu shot can give their children the flu.

"It's not a live virus". There is no way you can get the flu. Last winter, an estimated 80,000 Americans died from the flu.

"It's not the circle of life", Moise said. "You should be nervous about not getting your children vaccinated".

"A flu vaccine given during pregnancy helps protect the baby from flu infection for several months after birth, before he or she is old enough to be vaccinated themselves", the CDC reported.

CBS News medical contributor Dr. Tara Narula says this latest news should be a wake-up call to parents to get their children vaccinated. The flu season begins in October.

That number brings comfort to Moise and her family. We want to make sure we protect everybody.

The CDC has published a report that revealed that pregnant women are 40 percent more at risk of hospitalization if they do not get their flu shot.

"My youngest child got the flu past year before we were able to get our flu shots, and he was miserable for about four days", said McMichael.

The annual seasonal flu vaccine is the best and safest way to reduce the chances of catching flu and potentially spreading it. But some places are running into other problems. But 53 per cent also believed wrongly that the flu vaccine could cause the flu, and 34 per cent actually believed the shot would not work at all. The Public Health Centre in the provincial building will be offering clinics from 9 a.m.to 4 p.m. weekdays this season.

The school is slowly getting the rest of its shipment and rescheduling those clinics. A spokesman for the health department said that the state could not release more information about the case because of privacy concerns.

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