Turkish-Arab media group demands punishment for those who 'ordered' Khashoggi killed

Cheryl Sanders
October 21, 2018

Saudi Arabia admitted that journalist Jamal Khashoggi had died in a fistfight inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul after two weeks of denials it was involved in his disappearance.

Those responsible then tried to cover it up, a Saudi statement said, but there is no mention of what happened to the journalist's body.

Not so, US Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, who wrote: "to say that I am skeptical of the new Saudi narrative about Mr. Khashoggi is an understatement".

Where is the evidence that has been repeatedly referred to by the Turkish authorities?

Turkish police gather outside the residence of the Saudi consul General Mohammed al-Otaibi to conduct a search after the disappearance and alleged slaying of writer Jamal Khashoggi, in Istanbul, Oct. 17, 2018.

He said doing nothing would set a unsafe precedent and global norms and conventions would "go out the window", if Saudi Arabia wasn't held to account.

Five Saudi officials have reportedly been fired in connection to Khashoggi's death.

"The United States acknowledges the announcement from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that its investigation into the fate of Jamal Khashoggi is progressing and that it has taken action against the suspects it has identified thus far".

Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, accused the Saudis of "buying time and buying cover", calling for an investigation that included usa involvement and any Turkish audio and visual records of the event.

International human rights watchdog Amnesty International has said the Saudi account was "not trustworthy" and called on Riyadh to produce Khashoggi's body so that independent forensic experts might determine the cause of his death.

Saudi sources say Qahtani, said to be 40-years-old, steered online propaganda campaigns against the kingdom's adversaries such as Qatar and Iran on social media.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is considering the "next steps" in Britain's response to the case, officials said.

"Nobody should ever doubt about it. We are not accusing anyone in advance, but we don't accept anything to remain covered [up]", added Celik.

Germany, France, and the European Union all said they want more from Saudi Arabia on Saturday, demanding a full investigation and "accountability" over Khashoggi's death. Reports in Turkish media this week gave gruesome details of what are said to be his final minutes.

The Saudi prosecutor has said that 18 suspects have been taken into custody so far. Eighteen Saudi nationals have been arrested as the investigation continues.

This is only a first step towards publicising the truth of what really happened.

"We should be making pressing consultations with partners along the lines of an worldwide inquiry".

Saud Qahtani, a powerful adviser to Prince Mohammed, also was sacked.

MBS, as he is known, has a huge following amongst young patriotic Saudis who see him as a visionary reformer.

How have Saudi's Western allies reacted?

"Saudi Arabia has been a great ally of ours".

Earlier this week he warned of "very severe" consequences if Saudi Arabia was proved to have killed the journalist.

The victim had been living in forced exile because of his critical opinion of some Saudi policies.

Pro-government Turkish media have claimed that Khashoggi was tortured and dismembered by a Saudi hit squad, although Turkey has yet to release any official findings.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is "deeply troubled" by the confirmation of the violent death of Khashoggi, a spokesman said.

"I'm not calling for the overthrow of the regime, because I know it's not possible and is too risky, and there is no one to overthrow the regime", Khashoggi said in the interview.

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