Three different Samsung Galaxy S10 models coming in 2019, one more affordable

Yolanda Curtis
October 28, 2018

Samsung is reportedly working on a prototype Galaxy S10 without a headphone jack, but it may never move out of the prototype stage. Allegedly, the company is in talks with USA carrier Verizon regarding adding 5G to the S10 as well.

There's no reasoning in the report for why Samsung is planning to drop the technology, but it's likely to free up more space for either a larger battery or some new features on the handset. According to a table that is shown in the note, the Galaxy S10 X 5G variant will have 12 GB of RAM, while the S10 X will come with 8 GB of RAM. However, Samsung is offering a limited period discount on the phones and it comes as a part of the company's Diwali offers.

"We're continually evolving our smartphone portfolio to provide our customers with new and exciting innovations and experiences".

Rumors surrounding the Galaxy S10 series have revealed that the S10 and S10 Plus phones will be equipped with 5.8-inch displays whereas the S10 X and S10 X 5G phones may feature 6.44-inch screens. "Please stay tuned", Samsung said in a statement.

Samsung is debating between two prototypes with one that is horizontally long and the other which is vertically longer when unfolded.

The new report also aims to shed some light on the upcoming foldable smartphone that Samsung is teasing and is expected to show off in some capacity at the company's developer conference next month. Both the models open from side to side, however, the landscape model has fallen out of favour as some designers felt the "portrait type" to be easier to handle with one hand, the report cited. But if the above tidbit is correct, it means Samsung hasn't decided on the most basic and fundamental design trait of the foldable phone.

The device would take after the once-popular Motorola Razr, featuring a screen that opens with a snap. It is coated with a film that feels like ones used in photography instead of glass, which has created concerns at Samsung that it's not as glossy as some consumers favour, the people said. Bloomberg's report says Samsung "may not be able" to launch the foldable phone commercially until the second quarter of 2019; if the report is accurate, that date sounds optimistic to me. Mass production of the devices is still a question.

Samsung is dealing with a few issues before it can release the phone to the public, however. The user interface is expected to heavily depend on which of the two of designs the company finalise.

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