Susan Rice will give 'consideration' to running against Sen. Susan Collins

Cheryl Sanders
October 8, 2018

He has denied allegations of sexual assault by psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford, describing them in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week as part of a political smear campaign.

Inside the Senate chambers Saturday, protesters interrupted the final vote numerous times.

Bush called a number of senators in recent weeks, and had several conversations with Collins to reassure the key Republican vote about Kavanaugh's character and temperament, a person familiar with the matter said.

He controversially responded to this by saying: "Well, I'd say that it's a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something you may not be guilty of". "It is, I have to admit, a great sense of accomplishment here".

But the fight was defined by the sexual assault accusations.

Ford's lawyers on Sunday said she was "horrified" at the president's attacks and compared her ordeal to that of Anita Hill, the woman who publicly testified against then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

A crowdsourcing group says it has secured pledges of more than $3 million for her opponent in 2020. But what you just said now, is it's a question of whether or not the party in control of the Senate is different than the president.

Retired Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, right, administers the Judicial Oath to Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the Justices' Conference Room of the Supreme Court Building.

What has Mr Trump said? And what I told you is what the history of the Senate has been.

News about Kavanaugh's nomination has been almost inescapable in the state.

Kavanaugh's nomination as a replacement for retiring justice Anthony Kennedy was controversial from the start - but the initial focus was exclusively on the conservative views held by the married father of two.

Bush also reaffirmed his commitment to Kavanaugh after Ford and other accusers brought allegations of sexual misconduct against the nominee.

But McConnell did have a Plan B in mind to quickly pivot to a new nominee if there wasn't enough support in the Senate for Kavanaugh. "Unfortunately, nothing in Judge Kavanaugh's record or past have shown he will be such a justice".

"What I have seen on the news with this debate of Kavanaugh versus Dr. Ford, it's one of the most upsetting things I've ever witnessed", Lady Gaga, music sensation and star of the newest incarnation of "A Star is Born", told Stephen Colbert and his TV audience.

Collins told Bash that while she found Ford's testimony "heart-wrenching", the fact that both Ford and Kavanaugh said they were "100 percent certain" of their statements meant that she had to look to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for additional corroborating evidence.

McConnell said the confirmation fight had energized Republican voters and he praised GOP senators, who he said had "stood up to the mob" in favor of the "presumption of innocence". "All of us have been hearing stories and accounts from survivors going back many, many years where they kept all these painful, traumatic accounts to themselves".

Despite her opposition to Kavanaugh, Murkowski ultimately withdrew herself from the final tally as a gesture of goodwill toward her Republican colleague, Sen.

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