Queen Elizabeth's Last Corgi, Whisper, Dies at Age 12

Carla Harmon
October 27, 2018

Fenwick's late wife Nancy was known in jest as the "keeper of the queen's corgis" and it was she who was entrusted with their care when Elizabeth was travelling, not an easy task, given their very particular habits which include being fed freshly prepared food served on battered old silver salvers.

Whisper died in Windsor and while the cause of death is unknown, many Corgis die from cancer-related illnesses.

Whisper was adopted by the monarch two years ago and quickly became a devoted favourite, who would follow her around the royal palaces.

Whisper, aged 12, followed the Queen from room to room and accompanied her to meetings with dignitaries.

Whisper was gifted to the Queen two years ago, following the passing of Bill Fenwick, a former Sandringham gamekeeper, and the monarch took the pooch on as her own.

The monarch's corgis have been keeping her in good canine company for years.

According to United Kingdom paper The Telegraph, the Queen has two remaining dogs, "dorgis" (corgi-dachshund crosses) Vulcan and Candy.

Her Majesty has kept corgis by her side since 1933 but the death of Whisper brings the 85-year tradition to an end.

Whisper was originally named Wispa, after the chocolate bar, but the Queen apparently felt the name was "a bit obscure and preferred the proper spelling", the Mail said.

The death comes just six months after corgi Willow died, in April.

The Queen was frequently pictured surrounded by corgis, and her love for the breed is legendary.

However taking the dog in went against everything Her Majesty said in 2016, when she revealed she was afraid to adopt any more dogs in case she tripped over them.

The then Princess Elizabeth was given Susan for her 18th birthday in 1944.

Her Majesty chose to stop breeding corgis five years ago - apparently for two reasons.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment when contacted by Sky News.

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