Nintendo patent imagines turning your phone into a GameBoy

Yolanda Curtis
October 7, 2018

However, the SNES, N64, GameCube, and Wii were popular in our family so now the most highly anticipated Nintendo re-issue for me is the rumoured N64 Classic Mini.

It has been reported that Nintendo is working on a case that can turn a smartphone into a working Game Boy, fulfilling the dreams of nostalgic gamers worldwide.

Over the years, we've seen numerous Game Boy-inspired phone mods and cases attempt to rekindle that childhood handheld gaming magic; sadly, due to their unofficial nature, the vast majority have been quite lame.

Offering a case rather than a complete Game Boy certainly saves on cost for Nintendo, but it also poses a few big problems. The front cover buttons have a conductive sheet on the inside so that the touchscreen can sense their input.

The case is created to turn a smartphone's touchscreen into a functioning Game Boy with a working control pad and buttons.

The case has buttons mapped to those of a Game Boy. Logically, this would mean that Nintendo is working on bringing several models for the Game Boy case, although at the moment nothing is known about them. This would enable a Game Boy-esque system to be built on smart phones. Would Nintendo release a variety of cases to support the most popular phones, and would it release updated versions to make sure you can keep playing after a phone upgrade?

The Game Boy may be about to make a comeback on smartphones, if a clever new patent is anything to go by. Even so, Nintendo doesn't want to restrict itself to smartphones with this patent and mentions that such a cover could be used by "other electronic equipment such as a tablet terminal that does not have a telephone function".

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