Mental health crisis could cost the world $22 trillion by 2030

Henrietta Brewer
October 10, 2018

For nearly two years now we have encouraged more discussion about mental health issues through our award-winning #speakyourmind campaign.

On October 10 every year, the world observes the day to draw attention to the importance of mental health. Results from our Workplace Wellbeing Index show that 48 per cent of employees have experienced a mental health problem at their current job.

On this World Mental Health Day this newspaper is once more putting the spotlight on mental health, starting with the heartbreaking story of young mum Rachael Campey. The tips below are universal principles created to support a diverse range of people across a range of workplaces. The theme this year is "Young people and mental health in a changing world".

Half of mental illness begins by the age of 14, and statistics due out later this year are expected to show levels far higher than has previously been recorded.

Dr Appau said the MHA was addressing the issue of stigmatisation and discrimination against psychiatric patients by placing emphasis on community care rather than institutional care, and ensuring that mental health care was seen as any other illness for which patients could walk into health facilities for care.

Claire explained that young people are "bombarded with life" and that the most important thing is that positive communication is opened up.

Labour said a focus on suicide prevention was "long overdue" and warned a lack of funding had forced people to wait months for treatment in some areas.

Schools and colleges need to incorporate life skills to help the youth cope with new challenges.

Mr Ellwood, a former soldier, also said he would support the The Scotsman investigation to get "veteran" noted on the death certificates of former service men and women who took their own lives, along with measures to identify and treat mental health issues during and after service. "Suicide is a leading cause of death in young people".

Gaga co-wrote the op-ed with Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO). This country is facing a mental health crisis, we must tackle the root of the problem, and provide support to those who are experiencing a mental health problem.

She cited WHO's definition of health, which states, that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of a disease or infirmity. The more we know the better guides we may be.

Workers in the United Kingdom are open to using a range of technologies - from online chatrooms, mobile apps and GP services to artificial intelligence and virtual reality - to help look after their mental health, according to results of a survey from Accenture. We have taken the lead and run a session in every region and nation of the United Kingdom for our workplace representatives, so they can support their friends and colleagues at work. It recommended the delivery of psychosocial interventions by community health workers, peers and a range of other providers, such as teachers and the clergy, as well as medical professionals working in primary care, to provide the foundation of mental health care system.

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