Meng Hongwei: Interpol says president resigned amid investigation by China

Cheryl Sanders
October 7, 2018

The party's watchdog for graft and political disloyalty said on its website that Meng Hongwei, China's vice minister of public security, is "suspected of violating the law and is now under the monitoring and investigation" of China's new anti-corruption body, the National Supervision Commission. Interpol said Saturday it made a formal request to China for information about Meng.

Beijing had remained tight-lipped about the fate of Meng Hongwei, who is also China's vice minister for public security, since his disappearance was disclosed by French officials on Friday.

Beijing has yet to comment on the 64-year-old security official's disappearance but French police investigating his disappearance have placed his family under special protection.

She said: "As long as I can't see my husband in front of me, speaking to me, I can't have any confidence".

"This matter belongs to the global community", Meng told a press conference in English.

It was about an hour later that China's National Supervision Commission issued its statement confirming Mr Meng had been detained. Normally, they would be in daily contact when he was away working, she said.

"Interpol's general secretariat looks forward to an official response from China's authorities to address concerns over the president's wellbeing".

But Interpol has, in the past, denied this, saying its head does not intervene in day-to-day operations, which are handled by secretary-general Juergen Stock who is German.

The Chinese effort to track down corrupt officials overseas, known as Operation Fox Hunt, has led to claims in some countries that Chinese law enforcement agents have been operating covertly on their soil without the approval or consent of local authorities.

Grace Meng refused to speculate on what might have happened to him or whether he had been arrested, saying: 'In China, what happened, I'm not sure'.

He had been on a three-country tour, to Norway, Sweden and Serbia, for Interpol before his latest trip back to China, she said.

Under President Xi Jinping, China has been engaged in a crackdown on corruption.

China's recently established National Supervisory Commission holds sweeping powers to investigate the country's public servants with few requirements for transparency.

Authorities in China and Hong Kong have accused Guo, who resides in the United States, of laundering billions of dollars among other crimes.

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