Meghan Markle livid at half-sister Samantha's attack on mother Doria Ragland

Carla Harmon
October 7, 2018

For the past months, Samantha has been making millions of dollars by taking part in interviews in England, Australia, and the United States where she is constantly bashing Prince Harry's wife.

When the prince met some youngsters, he had a charming introduction, telling them: "I'm Harry, I have two dogs and an American wife".

Now, following her vicious remarks, Samantha has made a decision to issue a formal (and very dramatic) apology, sending a message to her half-sister while appearing on TV host Jeremy Vine's show this week.

Then, referring to Meghan's close relationship with her mother, Samantha wrote, "Doria might be her best friend now because she ghosted her best friend of 30 years".

'There is so much water under the bridge and so much has spun out of control that was never meant to, ' Samantha explained when asked by Jeremy what she would like to say to her half-sister.

The royal family are known for wearing jewellery which can cost thousands of pounds, so fans of Meghan's style will be pleased to hear that most of the pieces from the collection are surprisingly more affordable.

"You can cuddle in Queensland and pet in New South Wales", Harry and Meghan's private secretary Sam Cohen told the Daily Telegraph.

Following a tweet praising Doria and Meghan, Ms Markle replied with a scathing tweet of her own claiming Doria was an absent parent and it was Thomas Markle that raised the princess.

"It's a moment in history, I don't think it'll happen again for us".

On October 18, their Royal Highnesses will fly to Melbourne where the day will begin with a short walk to Government House, meeting members of the public along the way, before attending an official Reception at Government House.

Meghan's half-sister then concluded by saying, "You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. Diana would be proud of Harry and she would have loved Meghan".

The insider went on to explain: "She desperately wants to strike back at Samantha, but Harry has been really calming her down and helping her deal with the family drama".

The Duke and Duchess will meet two koalas and their joeys that are part of the Zoo's breeding program, and visit the laboratory to meet female conservation scientists who are working on efforts to reduce illegal wildlife trafficking.

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