McLaren Speedtail revealed: Heir to the F1 throne

Yolanda Curtis
October 30, 2018

For many owners buying the Speedtail as an investment, as sad as that might be for the vehicle, 2,500-miles a year will be plenty.

This is it. The new McLaren Speedtail.

McLaren Speedtail
McLaren Speedtail Side Mirror

The images show wheels that are two different styles with the front wheels being solid aerodynamic looking units with the rear wheels having stylized spokes.

The driver is positioned centrally in what McLaren dubs a "luxurious" cockpit, with seating for two additional passengers set slightly rearwards (there's luggage space within both the nose and tail). One interesting option that has been tipped is emblems on the outside made from real gold. The implied level of practicality - along with the fact that the Speedtail has room for three - is a key aspect of the car's GT status, and will help make it a usable prospect for the 106 people who have already signed up to buy one at £1.75m a pop plus taxes. Power is rumored to be 1000hp, but none of the specs are confirmed at this time. (MSO exists to make special customized McLarens for the company's most valued, wealthiest clients, such as the hunter-green Senna for mattress tycoon Michael Fuchs.) The badges, which come in a set of three, are cut in the Vaughtons-the same 100-year-old company that makes the U.K.'s Olympic medals-and dramatically increase the cost of the auto by at least £50,000.

The Speedtail will feature a center-positioned driver's seat.

"That [twin-turbo V8] has gone from 426bhp in a GT4 to I-can't-tell-you-what-yet in a Speedtail". Traditional side mirrors have been replaced by digital rear-view cameras. That overhead control panel, as well as the gearshift paddles and steering wheel clasp, also uses a separate kind of highly refined carbon fiber made in partnership with watchmaker Richard Mille. The seats are clothed in a lightweight leather that weighs 30-percent less than standard leather, and almost every function in the vehicle is controlled by touchscreen interfaces rather than buttons and switches.

Inside is a mix of the layout of the F1 with a healthy dose of modern McLaren thrown in, with lashings of leather (it's "directional", so you can slide in but then be held in place), with the start and Velocity Mode buttons on the ceiling so you can pretend to be a fighter pilot. It's all been created to encompass the driver and the two outer passengers, and there's a range of exquisite Scandinavian leathers making up the upholstery. McLaren even sourced lightweight leather. That said, a third of the run was sold to American customers, meaning those that bring the auto here will need to apply for a show and display exemption.

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