Google Lens is now live for mobiles

Yolanda Curtis
October 28, 2018

"You can still draw around anything you're interested in inside of an image to get more information and see related content". The Lens technology, derived from the company's various deep learning projects that teach computers to recognize objects in photos, can tell people what breed of dog their beloved pooch may be by scanning their pet photos. This will also prove useful in searching and purchasing items you like in an image, whereby you can tap or circle the items using Google Lens and Google Images will reveal relevant information such as the price of the items or where you can buy the items.

Beginning today, Google is rolling out its AI-powered Lens features to Google Images on mobile in the U.S., according to a recent announcement from the company.

Google announced earlier that they would be bringing some updates to Google Images. It will let the user discover websites of choice and those are related to the product they are looking for. It will be rolling out to other countries, language and Google Images locations in the coming days. "Lens is a natural fit for Google Images", Google said.

In a post on Google's blog, Product Manager for Google Images Assaf Broitman said you can, for example, search for living room decorating ideas. But who knows we might have other language versions in different other parts of the world soon.

We tested out the new feature ourselves and can confirm that it is live and working as advertised.

Google Lens allowed you to copy text from a sign my phone's camera, identify plants and animals and can scan barcodes and get details on monument or building. If you have ever used Lens on your phone before then for you it pretty similar. The new product is rolling out first in the USA and later overseas to work out any potential hiccups.

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