‘Elevator Screamers’ Are Professional Protesters, Their Signs Paid for by Soros

Cheryl Sanders
October 6, 2018

Jeff Flake, where they shared with him their stories of sexual assault as part of an effort to get him to vote against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Jeff Flake (R-TN) last week were paid protesters.

He said the aggressive demonstrations directed at Republicans were the result of Democrat lawmakers encouraging that form of protesting.

A reporter observed a group of pro-Kavanaugh advocates with regalia from a large conservative lobby on Friday - hours after President Donald Trump complained on Twitter that the "elevator screamers" who confronted Sen.

"Also, look at all of the professionally made identical signs", he wrote.

An obvious reference to the female sexual assault survivors who confronted Sen.

Trump is claiming, with zero evidence, that because the protests had some professional organization, like mass-produced signs, the protestors are "paid professionals" in the employ of George Soros, the Hungarian-born Jewish billionaire philanthropist and Holocaust survivor who sits at the core of many right-wing conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump has tweeted a weird attack on anti-Brett Kavanaugh protesters, insisting their banners are 'not signs made in the basement from love'.

Trump's tweet came after Capitol Police arrested 302 people for unlawfully demonstrating in the Senate office buildings on Thursday.

But anyone hoping that they'll all vote no shouldn't hold their breath: These senators have a long track record of voting along with the interests of President Trump.

Comedian Amy Schumer was seen being arrested, and model Emily Ratajkowski tweeted that she had also been arrested. On Friday, she actually voted no on moving Kavanaugh's nomination forward.

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