Texas Woman Leads Police On 100 MPH Chase With Baby In SUV

Cheryl Sanders
September 4, 2018

A woman led law enforcement in Texas on a high-speed chase, continued to flee on foot when her auto crashed and attempted to hijack a vehicle, all while carrying a baby.

Authorities say the woman, later identified as 29-year-old Caitlyn Rodriguez, was traveling at about 100 miles per hour before she rear-ended a pickup that had stopped at a light.

The video was released the other day by the Texas Department of Public Safety, but the chase and subsequent arrest actually took place in June.

"She's in the back seat".

Rodriguez could then be seen running around to the passenger's side of the vehicle, where she grabbed the infant's auto seat and took off running across a busy street.

Authorities eventually get the driver, the infant in the carrier and the child in the back seat of the vehicle Rodriguez allegedly tried to steal to safety. She runs across a busy road with the baby swinging in its carrier under her arm.

The footage shows Rodriguez rear-ending the pickup that had stopped at a light, jumping out of her SUV, grabbing the child carrier and taking off on foot.

But officers pulled up just as she was trying to hijack the auto and pulled her out and forced her to the ground. The driver of that vehicle left the auto, taking a child from the backseat, before the police arrived.

According to TXDPS, Rodriguez had outstanding warrants and fled after a DPS trooper conducted a traffic stop.

The woman then gets into the front of another vehicle in what police said was an attempted carjacking.Police arrived at this second vehicle, and arrested the woman. Police turned the infant over to Child Protective Services.

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