Senate Republicans to propose Wednesday hearing for Kavanaugh, accuser

Cheryl Sanders
September 22, 2018

Trump, a confessed sexual abuser, tweeted that if Professor Christine Blasey Ford's alleged assault was "that bad", then she should have come forward when it allegedly occurred.

The president and Senate Republicans are eager to move the nomination beyond a possible hearing next week to hear from accuser and accused. "I want to make sure I've been extremely thorough", she said.

In her remarks, Fagen said her friendship with the nominee was forged in the early days of the Bush administration when Kavanaugh went out of his way to ensure his colleagues were safe and coping well under pressure in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

No one should question Dr. Balsey Ford's account based on how long ago the attack happened or when she made a decision to come forward.

How might that have to work?

After saying he wanted senators to take a "little delay" to look into the matter, Trump on Thursday night said of the hearing that it is time to "get on with it".

"I recognize how import this decision is".

Ford wanted an investigation by the FBI, as there was for the Anita Hill allegations during the Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991, before appearing.

Bush - a Republican who had nominated Thomas and wanted to confirm him - agreed.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing earlier this month.

Approval of Kavanaugh would cement conservative control of the Supreme Court and advance a White House effort to tilt the American judiciary farther right. Over the course of his career in the federal government, he's undergone a total of six background checks. "That's what I call hijacking the regular committee process to accommodate political interests".

US President Donald Trump addresses a Congressional Medal of Honor Society reception at the White House in Washington, DC, on September 12, 2018.

Katz asked committee aides for a telephone conversation later Thursday to discuss terms.

Why did Feinstein wait so long?

At the rally in Missouri though, there were female Trump supporters who backed up his claim that they want to see Kavanaugh successfully confirmed.

In her letter, Ford alleges Kavanaugh attacked her at a party in the 1980s while both were attending prestigious private high schools in Bethesda, Maryland. "Fairness and respect for her situation dictate that she should have time to deal with this". "Who is not asking the FBI to investigate these claims?"

Grassley consented to other Ford demands, including that she be provided security and that Kavanaugh not be in the hearing room when she testifies.

His approval by the Judiciary Committee and the Republican-majority Senateappeared to be an nearly certainty until The Washington Post published its interview with Ford, who is now a California psychology professor.

Twelve of Prof Ford's family members have written an open letter, posted on Twitter, in which they call her "highly ethical", adding that "her honesty is above reproach". She wants the FBI to investigate to establish a baseline of facts about what she and others say before she'll agree to talk to the Judiciary Committee, especially in a public hearing. The answers people in this case might give to FBI investigators could be suggestive in terms of what they say they remember, what they deny and what level of detail they are willing to volunteer - mindful about the potential penalty for lying.

Ms Ford's lawyers said earlier this week that she would not appear before the Senate until the FBI has investigated the allegations.

"The FBI does not make a credibility assessment of any information it receives with respect to a nominee". Judge has said he has no memory of any such episode taking place, and Republican officials have deemed the proposal to subpoena him "a nonstarter". Grassley wrote in a Wednesday letter to Democrats on the Judiciary Committee that the FBI investigated Hill's accusations against Thomas when they were still not public.

But Grassley says that although Ford should have the chance to tell her story, he won't wait forever.

"Along with the comments from President Trump this morning, what we are seeing is exactly why it's so hard for survivors of sexual assault to come forward, especially when they are traumatized teenagers as Dr. Ford was when this assault that she reports now happened", Hassan said.

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