Roseanne Barr Spoils What Happens To Her Character On 'The Conners!'

Carla Harmon
September 18, 2018

When The Conners premieres on ABC next month, it'll do so without the family matriarch, Roseanne, who is set to meet a rather surprising end ahead of the series premiere. More precisely, everyone is wondering how exactly they are writing her out. She should have died as a hero, or not at all... It's hard-hitting subject matter, and one that is sure to get the audience talking when it's revealed Roseanne ultimately dies because of her addiction.

The disgraced TV star appeared on Brandon Straka's YouTube show, Walk Away, where she shared that her alter ego succumbs in a tragic, topical way.

'Oh ya, they killed her. In the penultimate episode, Dan discovered that his wife was hoarding pills and hiding it from the family because they couldn't afford the surgery she needed.

Now, Barr has revealed how her character disappears.

'I wanted to show [opioid struggle] in the show.

Barr called the decision "cynical and frightful".

She noted her canceled ABC show Roseanne laid the groundwork for her character to have an opioid problem last season and claimed that storyline was her idea. "They had to cruelly insult them, and that's what they chose to do".

To be fair, Barr may not be the most reliable source when it comes to this information, considering her unfriendly parting with ABC after the network fired her for posting racist tweets (never mind that she's been steadily building an alt-right following for the past decade).

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