Report CBS CEO in exit talks amid sexual misconduct probe

Carla Harmon
September 10, 2018

The CBS CEO is reportedly one to hold grudges - often for years.

After the incident, Moonves reportedly banned both Jackson and Timberlake from the 2004 Grammys broadcast, which aired on CBS the week after the Super Bowl.

Les Moonves, the chief executive of CBS Corp., is making moves to exit the entertainment giant, according to reports, which say the longtime executive is in negotiations with the board of directors over plans to leave the company.

CBS boss Les Moonves was "furious" about that Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction but only wanted to ruin Jackson's career, it's been reported.

At the time, Moonves was Viacom's co-president and co-chief operating officer and chairman of CBS.

Timberlake finally got a reprieve when he offered a tearful apology, but according to HuffPo, Jackson was not - in Moonves estimation - properly contrite.

Moonves ordered VH1 and MTV, and all Viacom-owned radio stations, to halt playing Jackson's music and videos, which impacted sales. "CBS insiders who spoke to me felt strongly that Moonves played a large part in how Jackson was perceived by the public".

In a new expose by reporter Yashar Ali, he claims that Moonves was not convinced that it was a wardrobe malfunction, "but rather an intentional bid to stir up controversy". Even in 2011, Moonves was still in his feelings and reportedly threw a fit after hearing that Janet signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster, who are owned by the CBS Corporation. A source recalls that Moonves asked at the time, "How the fuck did she slip through?" He told another source that heads were going to roll as a result of the deal. The fallout from the incident inflicted significant damage on Jackson's career ― which until that point had produced 10 No. 1 hits ― and still reverberates to this day.

As for Moonves, he is now under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct by lawyers hired by the CBS Board of Directors.

Moonves was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment over the course of his career in a recent New Yorker article.

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