New Fortnite Bundle for Nintendo Switch Releases Early Next Month

Yolanda Curtis
September 18, 2018

While other games that won't require Nintendo Online weren't mentioned, buyers will be able to determine if titles need the service by checking out their product information on the Nintendo eShop.

You earn points on most Switch, 3DS and Wii U game purchases, but the system is heavily skewed toward digital games.

It seems that there's no buffer period for anyone who lets their Switch Online subscription lapse - the second an account goes offline, all of its save data is deleted from the cloud.

Nintendo Switch Online will be available for £3.49 a month in the United Kingdom, £6.99 for three months, or £17.99 annually.

In Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, jump in to be the last one standing in a high-stakes game of 100-player Battle Royale. Furthermore, the site teases exclusive deals for Nintendo Switch Online members, what these entail are yet to be known though we won't be surprised to see these operate similar to added discounts on games for PS Plus and Xbox Live subscribers.

Signing up is also the only way to access HD remasters of old classic titles. As mentioned earlier in the year, several of these titles will include new online functionality. A notable addition is a confirmation that users may use their Gold Points to pay for the subscription. Nintendo has a support page detailing how to redeem these points.

Nintendo Online comes with an array of subscription tiers, and features individual and family memberships.

Features like voice chat are still hugely limited, and run through a smartphone app rather than allowing you to plug in your headphones straight into the Switch console and use an in-line mic. One of the biggest benefits of Switch Online is the introduction of cloud saves.

According to Nintendo, the plan is for later this evening.

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