Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, launches $2 billion charitable fund to fight poverty

Andrew Cummings
September 14, 2018

Asked about Trump's repeated criticism of both the Washington Post and Amazon, Bezos called it a "mistake" for any elected official to "attack media and journalists".

"Our lives are better than our great grandparents' lives, and their lives were better than their great grandparents' lives before them", Bezos said Thursday on Twitter. "I am glad I am being scrutinised, ' and that would be so secure and confident", Bezos said.

Bezos added: "But it is really risky to demonize the media". It is risky to call the media low lifes, it is unsafe to say that they are the enemy of the people.

Bezos has made headlines lately, promising $2 billion to fight homelessness and substandard preschool education after some bad publicity last week when Sen. Amazon warehouse employees are known to have very bad working conditions, pitiful wages, and have even been forced into homelessness after workplace injuries.

The "Bezos Day One Fund" created by Bezos and his wife MacKenzie will focus on two areas: helping "existing nonprofits that help homeless families" and funding "a network of new, nonprofit, tier-one preschools in low-income communities", he wrote. There will also be full scholarships for Montessori-inspired preschools in "underserved" communities, he said. It's also social norms that protect us. "September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month", he wrote saying Amazon employees around the globe will be wearing pjs to work to show their solidarity and support to children suffering from the deadly disease.

"Luckily I'm sitting right across from him at the table so hopefully I'll get a chance to talk", said Hogan.

Bezos said early childhood education is a critical area and that "the money spent there is going to pay enormous dividends for decades".

"The customer is going to be the child", Bezos said. "Most important among those will be genuine, intense customer obsession", he tweeted. "But we're going to make a final pitch".

"There's been a movement away from band-aid solutions", said Ray Madoff, director of the Boston College Law School Forum on Philanthropy and the Public Good.

Mr Bezos, the world's richest person, announced the scheme on Twitter a year after asking for ideas on how he could use his fortune, estimated at $163 billion, for charitable efforts. "Frankly, philanthropy can't fund all of society's challenges".

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