IPhone XS buyers undeterred by higher prices, few upgrades

Yolanda Curtis
September 22, 2018

Despite the heavy security at the Apple store at 1021 Lincoln Rd., in South Beach, detectives believe it was a targeted heist. YouTube channel TechSmartt performed the first drop test of Apple's new iPhones on Thursday, which is especially interesting given that Apple said the iPhone XS and XS Max have "the most durable glass in the world". While our first impressions are positive, we'll be taking a closer look at the phones to provide consumers with more information for making a buying decision.

Apple's latest iPhones, iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, arrived in style at its grand launch event last week and the sale for priciest models kicked off in several markets on September 21. If you trade your phone in directly to Apple, the values run from $70 for an iPhone 6 to $525 for the most recent iPhone X.

Despite this, hundreds of people were lining up to enter Apple's flagship store on Regent Street by 8.30am.

Elsewhere, as you'd expect, the XS and XS Max share a lot of engineering and design traits with the iPhone X. However, there are a couple important improvements, most notably in the antenna and camera departments.

On launch day for the Apple iPhone Xs and Xs Max, Belkin revealed their newest dual-device wireless charger for iPhones and the Apple Watch. Both stores opens at 8 a.m.

Most customers ordering the new iPhone did so online, but there are reports that shipments were being delayed to Monday.

Dual SIM functionality isn't as commonly sought after in European markets, but one person queuing in London, who asked not to be identified, said the purchase was entirely based on the appeal of no longer having to carry two phones on worldwide business trips.

Tech fix site iFixit posted an extensive joint iPhone XS and XS Max teardown early Friday and found them mostly similar to last year's iPhone X.

While from the outside it's amusing, the marketing ploy is far less brutal but reminiscent of the RIM "Wake up" stunt outside a Sydney Apple store in 2012 and perhaps has the potential to backfire, particularly when you consider the budget Apple have available to take marketing revenge.

The focus on pre-orders led to disappointment for some.

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