Google Home Hub: What's the story so far?

Yolanda Curtis
September 20, 2018

Following the Amazon Echo, the next-most popular devices were the Alibaba Tmall Genie (with 800,000 shipments) and the Google Home (800,000 shipments). As with other Smart Displays, the Home Hub will center around its Google Assistant integration.

"The Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot accounted for a combined 38% of global shipments", said David Watkins, head of Strategy Analytics' smartspeaker service. For one thing, Google's Home Hub apparently features a smaller display, suggesting that it will appeal less to people looking to watch Netflix and more to the smart speaker crowd. This is due to a large 7-inch touchscreen that will be included. Now, with leak, it's shown that Google has plans to make its own model for what it sees a screened Google Home device looking like.

If the Google Home Hub is real, Google will hopefully give it a few extra features to help it stand out from the increasingly competitive crowd of smart displays. Google had shipped 2.3 million units of the Google Home Mini globally while Amazon had shipped 2.2 million units of Echo Dot during Q2 2018.

Last year, Lynky announced the first Google Assitant-powered smart home hub with a display. According to MySmartPrice, Google's version will function similarly to those, allowing you to get weather and traffic reports, ask general questions, and pretty much use Google Assistant like normal, though tasks will be shown on the display alongside verbal feedback.

If the pricing leak is true, the Google Home Hub will be cheaper than the Lenovo Smart Display and JBL Link View which cost $200 (roughly Rs. 14,500) and $250 (roughly Rs. 18,100) respectively. Nearly a year later, Google is expected to unveil its own smart display.

Google's big hardware event is coming October 9, and we're getting a clearer picture of what to expect from the show as the days go by. The listing shows the display available in two colors ("chalk" and "charcoal"), with Google's traditional mute switch on the back and what looks to be a video chat camera on the front.

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