Elon Musk hits massive blunt in live interview

Yolanda Curtis
September 7, 2018

Musk's behaviour has created concern among Tesla shareholders who have questioned his leadership ability following a series of controversies in recent months.

Shortly after Rogan lights the blunt, Musk asks "So is that a joint?"

Musk hit back at Vernon in a freaky series of tweets. Minutes later, Musk checked his phone.

"I've thought about this quite a lot, quite a lot", Musk said of the electric jet design, according to The Verge.

In another sign of trouble for Tesla, the company's chief accounting officer resigned Tuesday after only one month in the role, saying the level of scrutiny on the company had made him reconsider the job.

The 47-year-old billionaire later said he wasn't a "regular smoker" of marijuana because he doesn't find it "very good for productivity".

Musk spoke to Rogan for more than two-and-a-half hours, in the latter stages of which the presenter offered Tesla's CEO a drag on the joint, which was rolled with tobacco.

The pair then began discussing space travel and the future of human civilisation. Let the dark world turn to light, let love flow where there was fear, reach out and touch joy, but be careful not to touch too much, you're gonna be in a big mood. "If we were forever confined to Earth, that would be sad", Musk said.

The conversation shifted still darker as Musk talked about a "never-ending explosion" of ideas that constantly runs through his brain. He compared himself to other children.

"The vast majority of negative comments, I just ignore them", he said.

"It's easy to demonise people, you're usually wrong about it, people are nicer than you think". "It may sound corny, but love is the answer". It is, however, part of the reason why the head of Tesla is loved by so many. "It's easy to demonise people".

"The interesting thing about an electric plane is that you want to go as high as possible, but you need a certain energy density in the battery pack, because you have to overcome gravitational potential energy", Musk said.

Elon Musk has added another bit of freaky behaviour to the list by smoking a joint during a live interview.

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