EA Under Investigation in Belgium Over ‘FIFA’ Loot Boxes

Yolanda Curtis
September 12, 2018

In April of this year, the Belgian Gambling Commission (BGC) ruled that "loot boxes" were gambling under existing Belgian law and therefore illegal.

Loot boxes are virtual containers filled with mystery in-game items, such as weapons or currency.

They're sticking it out with FIFA 18, FIFA 19 and others, while maintaining that FIFA Ultimate Team packs are equivalent to Panini stickers, despite now facing a criminal investigation by the Brussels Public Prosecutor's Office.

While the United Kingdom and France have deemed loot boxes to not be a form of gambling in light of controversy surrounding paid loot boxes in the likes of Star Wars Battlefront II, Belgium has been a high-profile case in ruling loot boxes as a form of gambling, with laws stating that they can no longer be included in games.

2K Games has also limited access to certain MyTeam features in National Basketball Association 2K, and Blizzard has removed the ability to purchase Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm loot boxes with real money in both regions. People can still buy loot boxes in "FIFA 18", Metro said, and "FIFA 19" will have them as well when it launches later this month. The publisher is going to "push forward" with the practice, he added.

The Belgian Gaming Commission has filed a complaint against EA over its refusal to remove loot boxes in Federation Internationale de Football Association titles.

"As you might imagine, we're working with all the industry associations globally and with regulators in various jurisdictions and territories, many of whom we've been working with for some time and have evaluated and established that programs like "FIFA Ultimate Team" are not gambling", Wilson said.

The Belgium Government has launched a criminal investigation against EA due to the publisher's refusal to modify Federation Internationale de Football Association lootboxes.

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