Cory Booker Announced as Iowa Banquet Headliner After 'Spartacus' Gaffe

Cheryl Sanders
September 13, 2018

A multitude of witnesses testify on the final day of Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, including John Dean, Theodore Olson, Akhil Amar, Cedric Richmond, Elizabeth Weintraub, Aalayah Eastmond, and Rochelle Garza.

"But the question is are they risky and unusual?" he added, noting their prevalence in the US. "We believe an indictment should not be pursued while the President is in Office", Kavanaugh wrote.

Fiery confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh before the Senate judiciary committee concluded this week with accusations from the left that Kavanaugh perjured himself and accusations from the right that Democrats improperly released classified information.

During the hearings, Cory Booker of New Jersey and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii released Bush-era correspondence from Kavanaugh stamped as "committee classified", a low-level designation meaning Congress members and staff may view the documents but they may not be released to the public. "It is to say, "Majority, give us the time to do our work so that we can have a positive and comprehensive hearing on the man who may well be the deciding vote for many (Americans") futures'". In what nearly seemed like a celebration, Kavanaugh's two daughters returned to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room for the final hours of testimony, accompanied by teammates on Catholic school basketball teams their father has coached. Chuck Grassley. Kavanaugh's appearance will be followed by testimony from legal experts and people who know the judge.

Nonetheless, Booker garnered some of the national spotlight, as well as the mockery of some of his Republican colleagues on the committee. Sen.

A key point about Kavanaugh's stances on abortion came on Thursday, when The New York Times revealed an email exchange from Kavanaugh's tenure working for the George W. Bush administration.

Democrats said Kavanaugh should not confuse birth control with abortion. With his questioning over, he seemed on his way to becoming the court's 114th justice.

On Tuesday, Kavanaugh got into a tense back-and-forth with California Sen.

Hundreds of pages in the Starr files are grand jury proceedings that are redacted.

Let's unpack that statement: Regulation "outside the bounds of what the laws passed by Congress have said" is contrary to a basic tenet of Republican and conservative principles about small government and limited governmental.

Graham pressed the issue, and Kavanaugh responded that the Supreme Court applied the liberty clause in its decisions regarding abortion: "The Supreme Court has found it under the liberty clause but you're right". The Archives produced the Starr files.

The only Democrat to object to this descent into chaos was Sen. How did Republicans treat these hearings? She said everything Kavanaugh has said or done undermines his claim that he would be a neutral and impartial arbiter.

Nan Aron, president of the Alliance for Justice, called it "jaw-dropping".

"I have to be careful what I say here because I'm the vice chairman of the Ethics Committee and in that role I can't comment on anything that may or may not come before the Ethics Committee", Coons told the network's Chris Wallace, adding that there was a "dispute" on the committee over Booker's actions.

The White House on Friday welcomed the news of a set date for confirmation hearings.

The spectacle of Harris and Booker playing to potential primary voters recalls an earlier implicit duel between Democratic giants eyeing the White House in Senate committee rooms over a decade ago. The only recent case in which Kavanaugh ruled on abortion came past year, when he argued that an undocumented minor teenager in federal custody should not be permitted to have an abortion immediately. Because his career has largely been spent in public service, Kavanaugh has an unusually voluminous paper trail. Did the Democrats get any traction with their argument the Republicans were hiding millions of documents? When Kavanaugh said he couldn't remember, Harris said, "I think you're thinking of someone, and you don't want to tell us", a remark that led to an interruption from Sen.

Republicans embraced the evaluation, though they have at times sharply rebuked the ABA for giving low ratings to some of President Donald Trump's other judicial nominees.

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