Canadian pot smokers can face lifetime ban from U.S.

Andrew Cummings
September 16, 2018

Those planning to work in the legal marijuana industry, as well as those who invest in it, may be risking a lifetime travel ban to the U.S., according to one border official.

"The move has potential to disrupt border crossings between the USA and Canada for travelers who run afoul of American drug laws, even if their activities are legal in Canada", reported Politico, quoting Todd Owen, executive assistant commissioner for the Office of Field Operations.

"But there is no question that we are working with USA officials; they have legalized marijuana in a number of their states, and we're trying to make sure that travel between our two countries (is) not disrupted".

Noncitizens seeking entry can be found inadmissible for committing or admitting to either a controlled substances offense a "crime of moral turpitude", regardless of whether they were convicted, according to the act.

Canadian pot smokers can face lifetime ban from U.S.

What to do? Well, lying to a border agent is considered fraud and is also grounds for a lifetime ban. "They have legalized marijuana in a number of their states and we're trying to make sure that travel between our two countries is not disrupted", Trudeau told CBC Manitoba.

As cannabis in the US continues to be normalized by the growing amount of domestic legal industries, it seems as though moves like these will continue to be in opposition to what the majority of the USA wants, and clearly what Canada would like to see. She agreed they can be lawfully turned away at the border and banned for life.

Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has often said he's working with USA law enforcement to clarify the changes and make sure the border remains smooth.

Similar comments made by a border official to Politico sent USA -traded shares of Canadian marijuana companies tumbling Thursday.

"Despite one-in-eight Canadians using cannabis today, 400,000 people move between our two countries every day nearly entirely without incident", Goodale spokesman Scott Bardsley said by email.

But Owen says the States will continue to act upon its federal prohibition of weed, which also applies to the border - and if you're not careful, you could face both inadmissibility and a lifetime ban from the U.S. "We already notice somewhat of a trend of some people not going to the USA", said Silver.

"It's going to happen even more, and especially now that they're going after business travelers, it's going to be the Wild West at the border".

"People are careless and I think people will be caught by accident and this will create problems", said Lorne Waldman, an immigration lawyer.

And now, Canadians who work in the marijuana industry will not be permitted to enter the US.

Although you may not be denied entry simply for having a job that's legal in Canada, marijuana executives who work with US companies may be seen as being engaged in criminal activity, Chang said.

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