California governor urges world to work together on climate change

Pablo Tucker
September 17, 2018

As California Governor Jerry Brown's Global Climate Action Summit kicked off Thursday, indigenous and climate justice activists blocked the main entrance in protest.

"Today, we announce that this "bottom up" movement will put us within striking distance of the USA commitment to the Paris Agreement, even with zero support from our federal government", Bloomberg said, according to The Nation.

Additional business and philanthropic partners are expected to join the initiative, according to the release.

Here is a roundup of some of the highlights.

Companies that do so agree to take steps to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide through supply chains, regulations and customer efforts.

Kerry spoke in at the Global Climate Action Summit organized by fellow Democrat, California.

"It is an incredible achievement for these 27 cities, including Paris, to have peaked their emissions", Hidalgo said.

Ghosh said that India must use this opportunity provided by the California summit to "demonstrate its climate actions, by virtue of its power of resistance to inequities in climate politics, its power of example set through domestic policies and actions, and its power of leadership at the worldwide level, such as the global Solar Alliance".

It is not enough for cities to rest on past accomplishments.

In closing remarks, United Nations climate chief Patricia Espinosa also called for a new era of climate diplomacy that includes not just national governments but also cities and regional bodies as well as industries - an approach she dubbed "inclusive multilateralism". Cities, states, investors, and businesses are all in.

De Blasio was joined in his announcement by Comptroller Scott Stringer and other fund trustees. The Sept 12-14 summit has brought together local government officials, business leaders and NGO chiefs who are against Trump's environmental policies.

"We have seen here over the past few days the inspiring amount of work that is already being undertaken by communities around the world to address these issues". "If they have a better one, let me know".

The GCAS gathering, which took place from Thursday to Friday, came as Hurricane Florence swept into North Carolina with heavy rains and 144-kph winds earlier Friday.

Commitments included reducing carbon emissions, developing a low-carbon, regional transportation system, improving building efficiency and reducing food waste 50 percent by 2030.

But it's Governor Brown's executive order that Vox columnist David Roberts called "history's most ambitious climate target".

Mayors from around the world attending the Global Climate Action Summit say they are working to increase fleets of electric buses and taxis.

In the United States, vehicle emissions are the single largest source of greenhouse gases.

"The fact that China sent a very high-level delegation to California, that was huge", said Angel Hsu, an expert on China's environmental policy at Yale.

Nuttall, however, argues that this more than just about USA businesses and local and state governments stepping in and reiterating their commitment to achieving the Paris Agreement goals and climate plans and targets pledged by the Obama administration under the climate deal.

"In the long term, this is an unstoppable train", he said.

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