Amazon's new Alexa Gadgets Toolkit lets Alexa have some toy-friendly fun

Yolanda Curtis
September 18, 2018

Amazon is about centuple down on its Alexa-powered devices, according to a new report.

As well as a microwave and the in-car gadget, the new product line up is thought to include an amplifier, receiver, and subwoofer.

Amazon is tipped to reveal a few of these gadgets at an event later this month. It is worth adding that some of the OEMs have already launched devices and even cars that support Amazon Alexa voice assistant. An Alexa-powered microwave oven could possibly allow users to start/stop the microwave, and set cooking times.

However, Amazon's Alexa software has a wider range of skills on offer that enable it to link up with and control more third-party devices around the home.

Amazon isn't the only company trying to spread its digital assistant.

Google's $130 (£105) Home speaker is triggered by the phrase "Hey Google" while Amazon's Echo uses "Alexa". These inclusions are the most likely, with Amazon looking to compete against Sonos' wireless speaker line-up (who already have a wireless amplifier for connecting wired speakers) and the Siri-enabled Apple HomePod. Amazon also earlier this year bought the smart doorbell maker Ring.

Amazon is also reported to be working on a secretive home robot.

Having its own home appliances also opens up a new sales channel for Amazon.

Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant are the two most popular personal assistants in the market.The Alexa-powered Amazon Echo lineup of smart speakers and the Google Assistant-powered Google Home speakers dominate the smart speaker market. Sonos has a similar business model. But what Amazon's virtual assistant reportedly lacks in accent comprehension and overall IQ, it now makes up for in "visual style". Amazon is also stepping up partnerships with home installation companies and home builders. Around this time a year ago, Amazon revealed the newest members of the Echo family: the Echo Spot and updated Echo speakers. In July, CEO Jeff Bezos said, "We want customers to be able to use Alexa wherever they are".

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