Amazon unveils new US$50 Echo Dot, puts Alexa in a microwave

Yolanda Curtis
September 22, 2018

Out of all the Echo devices, some of them will come to India, while some will not. So, when you pair an Echo or Echo Plus together, the Echo Sub will fill out the low end, making your music sound much fuller.

In the United States, the Echo Auto will be initially available for $34, if you request an invitation from Amazon to try out the pre-release hardware.

Amazons vice President David Limp says that the new voice assistant microwave and Echo dot will go for $59.99 and $49.99 in that order.

Has Amazon been taking meetings with Jack Donaghy?

The Amazon Echo Input is a small disc that you connect to an existing speaker via 3.5mm audio cable or Bluetooth. It will be selling for a price tag of Rs 4,499. And developers that want to build their own smart televisions or microwaves or who knows what else will be able to draw from a software-development kit and an Amazon-designed chip that comes with the technology that activates a device once it hears the magic word. Consumers will be able to order the device starting today, and Amazon will begin shipping it next month.

Research firm eMarketer has said that 40.7 million people in the United States will use Echo devices this year, up more than 31 percent from 2017.

Mr Limp said its Alexa assistant had learned "tens of thousands of things" in the previous year, and also announced new features to make it more knowledgeable, opinionated, conversational and conscientious.

The 10-inch display on the updated Echo Show lets you view photos, album covers when listening to your favourite tracks through the speaker and watch video content from Amazon Prime and other sources. The speaker can also be paired with other Echo speakers to create stereo sound. The Echo plus is priced at Rs 14,999.

The Echo Show will include Skype support, enabling users to video chat with each other; there will also be the Silk browser and Firefox, both of which will make accessing websites - and maybe even YouTube - possible. It provides deep bass sound, as you'd expect, and features the same fabric covering found on the new Dot.

The Echo Sub is the first ever wireless Echo subwoofer from the company which is offering 100W deep bass sound through a 6-inch woofer. "And, all of that happens in less than thirty seconds", according to Amazon. Amazon says the speaker delivers better audio quality compared to its predecessor.

The idea here is that Amazon will show you information as opposed to mere telling you it, with news, weather, a shopping list, and more found here, and it's a touchscreen as well.

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