Trump lashes out at Omarosa, calls her "that dog"

Carla Harmon
August 14, 2018

CBS said it has not confirmed the authenticity of the tape.

On Monday, the former Apprentice contestant released what she claimed is a recording to a phone call between herself and the President the day after she was sacked from government. "Now that she says bad about me, they will talk to her. Fake News!"

Manigault-Newman said Sunday that Kelly was "threatening" her in the White House.

Back then, she wouldn't go as far as questioning Trump's character when it came to his attitude toward different races.

She originally meant to get married in Jacksonville in March 2017, but changed her plans after facing death threats. This is his pattern with African Americans.

Omarosa married Newman - her second husband - at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., where she walked down the aisle in a lace pink dress, all while she was employed at the White House. The White House has tried to discredit the book, while the President has repeatedly attacked Manigault Newman as "Wacky Omarosa", via Twitter. Trump himself used the tactic in his life as a private businessman and the question of whether he's taping his conversations in the Oval Office arose past year when he suggested there might be recordings of an encounter with former FBI Director James Comey (none ever materialized).

While publicizing the book, she released an audio recording of a discussion, she says, she secretly recorded inside the White House.

The Situation Room was created by President John F. Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs disaster in 1961, according to a paper published on the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, website. However, the practice operates on the honor system and advisers are not searched before entering.

But current and former Trump aides say the practice has been commonplace under the billionaire real estate magnate who frequently required NDAs in his business.

Repeatedly, the disgraced former aide tried to hammer home her theme that in her mind, Trump is incompetent and untruthful. Several White House officials said they were urged in early 2017 to sign NDAs ― some of which contained "breathtakingly broad prohibitions", including restrictions on all public criticism of Trump, his company and members of his family.

"Wacky Omarosa already has a fully signed Non-Disclosure Agreement!" he wrote.

It was not clear exactly what he was referring to.

Officials in former President Barack Obama's administration told the paper that NDAs were unheard of.

She even claims three sources told her that Trump was recorded using the N-word off-camera "multiple times".

In an interview with Chris Matthews, Manigault Newman said that Trump used racial slurs and someone from the production team of "The Apprentice" had a tape which showed POTUS using racial slurs for black people before the 2016 USA presidential election.

"He knew that John Kelly was going to take me into the 'Situation Room, ' and lock me in there, threaten me, and say that things were going to get ugly for me, and there would be damage to my reputation", Newman said of Donald Trump. She made it up.

'Look at her MANY recent quotes saying such wonderful and powerful things about me - a true Champion of Civil Rights - until she got fired.

In the interview, Omarosa appears to be on edge and annoyed with Guthrie from the beginning.

When Guthrie brought up the topic of mental health, Omarosa dismissed her with a wave of the hand, saying, "You know we have an interview after this ... but I will answer the last question - and you see that the time running out", she said, pointing in front of her, ostensibly at a clock or timer. But legal and ethics experts questioned the validity - and constitutionality - of NDAs signed by White House staff.

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