Third-Party Call Recording Apps No Longer Work on Android P

Yolanda Curtis
August 17, 2018

For what we know, we already have the Nokia 7 Plus that's undergoing the Android P beta process right now and could have another round of updates before the final version is published.

Over the years as Android OS has evolved to accommodate more users and shift the general design to become minimalist, yet packed with features at the same time, there have been clear inspirational elements that Google has cherry-picked from a broad palate.

When the Recent Apps menu is active, you can easily copy content from the preview page of an app simply using the Clipboard menu.

The Pixel device uses the USB Power Delivery that allows it to charge faster than average but that is not happening.

If you were among the users who were after installing the, has good news for you.

For starters, Google says Pie (Go edition) cuts down on storage with roughly another 500MB available for users out of the box. As per Google, gesture navigation will not be the default feature in the company's next flagship with only navigation method is present in the handset.

Motorola just announced which of its handsets it plans on updating to Android Pie.

Therefore, if you depend heavily on call recording, it is advised that you hold on to the older Android Oreo-powered device until Google brings back a way for developers to make their call recording apps function again. The move was put in place to comply with regional laws that required consent from both parties for a call to be recorded. However, the absence of call recording feature in the latest OS update leaves users with 2 choices only - either compromise with the situation or root your smartphone.

The original Pixel and the Pixel XL, two phones launched in 2016, recently received Android 9 Pie update. The update has rolled for Pixel supported devices and few other OEM supported with Android Beta. There are also external devices specifically created to record mobile phone calls, but they may not be compatible with your particular phone model, and the good ones tend to cost over $100. The search giant is finally set to fix the issue but sometime around the public release.

This is particularly important because those smartphones from last year, unlike their successors this year, were not and still are not part of the Android One programme which comes with such guarantees by default.

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